katey is my name, emotional devastation is my game. thirsty for star wars. i can't believe it's not brothers. @clexkate
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You could put Jack and Kate on a New York City street and have them pass eachother at rush hour on a Wednesday morning. And they would stop and turn, slowing to watch eachother go by. They know eachother within the context of a universal recognition. They have met before in this life, and they will meet again, in another.

— J. J. Abrams (via shephardsausten)
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We regret to report the murder of the wife and her two children by their husband and father. The father purchased the rifle used in the crime at his local gunstore two days earlier. This brutal killing took place while the family was gathered at home on a Sunday afternoon. The day of the crime, the father went to the trunk of his car, retrieved the rifle, and shot his wife as she was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch. When his ten-year-old son came to investigate the commotion, the father shot him, too. His six-year-old daughter had the good sense to hide in the bathroom, but reports suggest he lured her out by telling her it was just a game. The girl was found shot once in the chest from point-blank range. The mother, who he shot in the stomach, was pregnant at the time. Police arriving on-scene after neighbors called 911 found the father in his car, listening to the radio. Several days before the murders, neighbors say they heard the father repeating a sequence of numbers in a loud voice. They said it was like he was chanting some strange spell.

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Thorin + smile

for marigoldfaucet

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shout-out to myself for looking cute today

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Thank you. All of you.

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Casey throwing things at Severide
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Nice job wearing the pants.

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The Independent on Sunday’s New Review 31.03.13 'Love Hurts'.

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The Hobbit: Character Graphics Series 1/?

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Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford behind the scenes for Empire Strikes Back

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford behind the scenes for Empire Strikes Back

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